wedding guide

Timeline for your wedding day

Your venue or third party coordinator will put together a timeline to keep for your big day. If I’m coordinating your intimate wedding or elopement, this still applies to you! Your timeline is what keeps things running smoothly & stress free. Make sure to keep some wiggle room in your schedule so if we get behind, it’s not a big deal.

tip: the wedding does not start until you get there, you’re kind of an important detail.

tip: it’s super helpful if you create an itemized list for me for family photos. I’ve never met these people & I have no idea who belongs to what family. Here’s my example;

1. Judy & Jack Geller (mother of the bride + father of the bride)
2. Nora & Charles Bing (mother of the groom + father of the groom)
3.  Ross Geller, Rachel Greene, Judy Geller & Jack Geller (brother + sister-in-law + parents of the bride)




you feel me?

details or flat-lays

While you're finishing getting ready, I'll be sneaking around taking some photos of all your details. This is everything you've put thought into that you want to take note of that might not otherwise be seen. Not sure where to start?

1. a copy of your stationary; save the date, invitation, envelopes, wax seals, vellum paper, etc.
2. your accessories; jewelry, hair piece, veil, garter, shoes, tie, tie clip, watch, etc.
3. a wooden hanger for your dress.
4. your bouquet/ his boutonniere.
5. perfume/ cologne.
6. rings & box.
7. vow books.

This is also a cute way to incorporate a family heirloom or 'something borrowed' if you plan on wearing it on your day! These were my details from our wedding, I also threw in pheasant feathers because Josh has collected them from hunting his whole life. It's sweet personal touches like this that make your photos unique!

save or splurge

flowers; her bouquet, his boutonnière, centerpieces, decor, etc.


This is your wedding day! I totally get the idea of saving money where you can & keeping within the budget. But this is not the part you want to cheap out on. Fake flowers like silk look tacky in photos & you can definitely tell the difference. Spend a little more time OR money to make your guys' flowers the real deal. So many of my brides put together something from the floral section of their grocery store & it still looks like it was done by a pro. Your girls would love to spend the night before the wedding with you tying together their bouquets & creating their arrangements. DIY-ing this part can make it so much more affordable.

I offer bouquet press & frame; let me turn your flowers into a keepsake you'll hold onto forever!

vow books, are they worth it or will they end up in a drawer somewhere?


So worth it! There's something romantic about putting pen to paper to write your vows. The rough draft can stay in your iPhone notes, put the final into a sweet booklet. Even if you only read them every anniversary!
[ You can find some really affordable options on Etsy or Amazon ]

the veil?


Even if you don't wear it all day, there's nothing more BRIDAL than your veil! Not to mention the shots I get are freaking drool-worthy. Check out gently used; it was probably only worn once!



No one is going to use whatever it is you want to hand out. I promise. No matter what it is; the mason jar, the succulent, the s'mores kit, the seeds to "let love grow"-- just no. Spend your money elsewhere sis!



Just another thing that'll end up in the trash, write it out on a huge frame & call it a day! Chalkboards are very 2015, skip that one. Look up DIY calligraphy, super easy!

wedding arch or isle runner?


there are other ways to make your ceremony space unique & defined. A rug (if you're on a hard surface), two large vases on each side with pampas grass or grass plants, etc.


you made it!

I’m sure your head is spinning with everything I just threw at you, but no worries– we’re 100% by your side through this whole thing. Remember it’s okay to have hiccups & bumps through out your day; not everything can go as planned. But know that we are prepared for anything & will make your day as wonderful as ever!