welcome friend-- i'm savannah

intimate weddings & elopements starting at $3,000 | engagements & lifestyle starting at $500

[still booking 2022, 2023 books are now open]


located in the great Rocky Mountains of Colorado & traveling to tell all the love stories

You’ve made it this far, you must like what you see! I’m so excited to give you all the details, hopefully you find everything you need here. My style is very warm & natural– I’m obsessed with capturing all the candid moments in between.

Josh & I are a husband & wife team specializing in intimate weddings & elopements. Colorado has our hearts but we love to travel & see all the tall places! If we’re not with our awesome couples, we’re probably camping with our pup, working on the latest house project or binging another Netflix obsession. Our love story started in a high school classroom, we were the best of friends & after six long (loooonnnngggg) years of being inseperable, I confessed my love to him. I think it sounded something like, “I’m so in love with you, will you just date me already?” & the rest is history.

Why pick us? I’m glad you asked! We’re wedding & elopement experts & are here to hold your hand through it all. From the beginning– our couples receive a detailed planning guide, we style your engagement session, help curate a timeline with you & your coordinator, spend your day making sure it’s as seamless as possible & then create pure magic in post processing. I have an experience to offer you which matters just as much as the priceless photos you’ll end up with.

You want to proclaim your love on the top of a mountain or in your grandparent’s backyard? I’m aaaaallllll about it! Let’s go wherever you feel whole, wherever tells your story best.

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